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Thematic Cultural Network "Soil - Water-Fire: seeking earth’s art from nature to use and from its use to the Museum"


The Science and Technology Museum of the University of Patras with the Directorate of Primary Education of Achaia / Cultural Issues, the Directorate of Secondary Education of Achaia / Cultural Issues, the Archaeological Museum of Patras and the Patras Visual Artists Association co-organize for the school / academic year 2021-2022, the Cultural event, “Soil - Water-Fire: seeking earth’s art from nature to use and from use to the Museum”.


As a teaching methodology, it is suggested the experiential laboratory and work in groups, which enhance participatory and active learning. This action is based on the principles of the pedagogical theory of constructivism, which emphasizes the interaction of those involved, as well as the socio-cultural environment in which the learning process takes place. The methods that will follow will be, for the most part, the experiential approach, the collaborative method, the interdisciplinary-interdisciplinarity. Techniques that the groups can follow are: digital tours, material study (books, photos, etc.), constructions, etc.

Network Activities / Actions:

1. Introductory Training Day for teachers

2. Seminars for teachers on the tradition, aesthetics, and evolution of ceramic art over time

3. Digital tour at various laboratories

4. Participation of students-teachers in an educational activity for ceramics that includes: observance of specially designed digital material and a workshop for learning ceramics in person or through a platform, depending on the prevailing conditions.

5. Creation of ceramic works by school groups.

6. Final Event and exhibition of the works for the Celebration of the International Museum Day, in May 2021, live or through a platform, depending on the prevailing conditions.

Duration of development and participation in the Network

The Network is addressed to the Teachers of Primary and Secondary Education of all specialties who will implement a Cultural program with a theme that is part of the broader theme of the Network in the school year 2021-2022.

It mainly concerns the Cultural Programs related to the acquaintance with the ceramic art and its historical path, the materials and tools, the workshops of yesterday and today, the usability but also the creation of ceramic works.

Proposed collaborations with government agencies, individuals, non-governmental organizations:

  • Center for the Study of Modern Ceramics, Athens (possibility of borrowing Museum equipment)
  • Ceramics Workshops

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