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Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee of the Science and Technology Museum is the Scientific Advisory Board. It consists of faculty members of the University of Patras who have served as Museum Directors and faculty members from scientific fields related to the subject matter of the Museum’s exhibitions and collections. The Director appoints the members of the Scientific Committee.

Members of the Scientific Committee of the Museum are:

Evangelos Vitoratos, Professor Department of Physics

Joseph Galanakis, Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science

Abraham Zelilidis, Professor, Department of Geology

Christos Kordoulis, Professor, Department of Chemistry

Christoforos Krontiras, Professor, Department of Physics

Stavros Kotsopoulos, Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering  

Dimitris Lymperopoulos, Professor Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering  

Former members of the Scientific Committee of STM

The late Mr.Theodoros Deligiannis, Emeritus Professor, Department of Physics
Athanasios Bombas, Associate Professor, Department of Physics

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