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Participation in the ATHENS Science Festival 2024

Educational Seminars
  19 April 2024 09:00 - 21 April 2024 19:00

  Science & Technology Museum, University of Patras Campus, Greece

1. Workshops for children with the Museum Kit for Junior High School "What if we say water is water" on April 19, 2024

2. Interactive exhibition/experiments on the theme "Knowing and caring about the environment" from April 19-21, 2024. Water, source of life and mineral wealth, source of raw materials contribute to the development and evolution of human Civilization. Museums, act as reliable operators for informing about climate change and the path to sustainable development and realizing that only by knowing we can care and protect, have the power to contribute to understanding and knowledge.

The water museum kits "Ask Ambou to tell you what's going on with water..." will be presented for Kindergarten and 1st & 2nd grades of Primary School, "The adventures of Stagonoula the water droplet, and the water cycle" for 3rd & 4th grades of Primary School, "Akis Stagonakis, the source of life" for 5th & 6th grades of Primary School and "What if we say water is water..." for Junior High School (include demonstration experiments, fairy tales, games and comprehensive educational material) as well and minerals, rocks, fossils, etc. related to water.


Responsible for the Event:

  • IOANNIS ILIOPOULOS : Professor, Director of the STM UP,
  • Peny Theologi-Gouti: Curator for the STM UP, Vice-President of the Greek Department of ICOM,
  • Maria Georgaki : PhD Candidate, President of Patras SEG


Participants:  Kotzamanidi Irene | Laboratory Teaching Staff, Department of Geology and students, postgraduate students and PhD candidates of the Department of Geology of the University of Patras, Greece.

Georgia-Stella Garaliakou, Georgia Dasoula, Lydia Zotou, Andreas-Konstantinos Theodoropoulos, Maria Kyrtsoglou-Chatziantoniou, Christina Malama, Vasiliki Bosbotini, Efthimis Douros, Anna Panoutsopoulou, Prokopis-Marios Savvatis, Christina Fourkalidi


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List of Dates (Page event details)

  • From 19 April 2024 09:00 to 21 April 2024 19:00

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