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A visit from the French Embassy attaché for the French language at the Science and Technology Museum

On Thursday, March 17, 2022, at noon, the Science and Technology Museum of the University of Patras was visited by the collaborators for the French language of the Embassy of France in Greece, Mrs. Véronique Bruez, accompanied by the Director of the French Institute of Patras, Mrs. Georgia Petropoulou-Conan, honoring the long-term collaboration of the STM with the French Institute. They were welcomed by the Director of the Museum Ioannis Iliopoulos, Associate Professor at the Department of Geology, and the Curator of the Museum Mrs. Peny Theologi-Goutis.

The Curator of the Museum, Mrs. Peny Theologi-Goutis, guided the high-ranking visitors to the Museum's permanent exhibition “Telecommunications in our lives” and the Temporary Exhibition “Our Solar System”, co-organized by the Museum and the French Institute. Mrs. Bruez showed particular interest in the Museum and the way it operates by linking the three levels of education through the popularization of Science and Technology. She was also informed about the important long-term cooperation of the Museum with the French Institute and especially the Institute of Patras, which offered to the public of Patras not only exhibitions from France but also on issues related to science, the environment, and the Arts and educational activities that it plans and offers to schools in collaboration with groups of students.

Ms. Bruez was enthusiastic about this cooperation, assured everyone that she will support its continuation, its enhancement and expansion with other collaborations and suggested the exploration of new collaborations.


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