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The museum kits of the Science and Technology Museum travel to the schools of Patras as part of the Science Festival 2023


Three important institutions, the Science and Technology Museum of the University of Patras, the French Institute of Greece in Patras and the Regional Center for Educational Planning (RCEP) of Western Greece, co-organize for the first time in Patras, the Festival of Science.

The Science Festival has been proclaimed every year since 1991 by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research to promote science and make it accessible to all. It is organized by French universities and scientific bodies and by the Cooperation and Educational Action Services of the French Embassies in many countries of the world, every year with a different theme.

In Greece, the main organizer of the Science Festival is the French Institute of Greece. The theme of this year's celebration is “Water in the Wake of the climate crisis”.

The Science and Technology Museum participates with its Museum Kits for Water “The Adventures of the Little Droplet, the Cycle of Water”, for third and fourth grades of Primary School, and “Akis Stagonakis, the Source of Life...” for fifth and sixth grades of Primary School. Trained volunteers of the Science and Technology Museum will travel to schools in Patras from November 6-16,2023 and will travel students to the world of water through fairy tales, games, experiments, and experiential activities.

Teachers who wish to bring the museum kit to their classroom during this period should contact the Museum staff. Priority will be given on a first come first served basis.

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